Service to the University of Minnesota -- Duluth:

  • Member, Liberal Education Committee (University-Wide), Fall 2007
  • Civic Engagement:  Participant in Monthly, University-wide Working Group on "Civic Engagement," 2005-2007
  • Member, College of Liberal Arts Academic Affairs Committee, Fall 2005 and Fall 2006.
  • Departmental Committees:  Search Committee, Assessment; New Major (in Journalism & Professional Writing)
  • Coordinator, Institute for Advanced Study grant for Reconfiguring Rhetorical Studies, 2007-2008 & 2009-2010.  We brought a nearly a dozen scholars in rhetoric, journalism, philosophy, English, writing studies and communication to UMD, enhancing the culture of collaborative research.
  • Honors Program:  I serve as participating faculty on:
  • o      Twin Cities field trips (Fall 2006, 2007 and 2008)
  • o      Hibbing field trip (Fall 2007)
  • o      Honors Conference Field trip to Menomonie, WI (Spring 2008)
  • o      Honors Banquet (Fall 2007 and 2008)
  • Leader for Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives,"Collaborative in Rhetorical Studies," an interdepartmental and intercampus research group in rhetorical studies.
Service to the University of Wisconsin -- River Falls:
  • Departmental Committees:Chair, Student Committee, Department of English; Faculty Advisor, Literary Society; Faculty Advisor, Sigma Tau Delta(Honors Society); Workshop Leader (Scholarships for English Majors, Writing the Letter of Application to Graduate School, Finding a Job with a Degree in English), Search Committee (2004-2005)
  • College Committees:  Marketing Communications Steering Committee (incl. participant in five-year review of the program and in search committees), Ethical Citizenship Subcommittee of the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee, Visiting Professor Committee, 2003-2005
  • Service to the Department of Rhetoric, University of Minnesota
  • Departmental Committees: Hiring Committee, 1997-1998, Awards Committee (to review applications for College-wide teaching awards), 1998-2000