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David Beard

Welcome to David Beard's Professional Portfolio

David Beard is an associate professor of rhetoric in the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Welcome to my professional portfolio. 
Statement of Research
I research the history, theory and pedagogy of rhetoric as an interdisciplinary formation.  My work develops into two strands:
Historical:  My work draws upon traditions in composition, speech-communication and cultural studies to articulate the history and the theoretical boundaries of "rhetorical pedagogy" across written, oral and media communication. 
Theoretical and Critical:  A second strand of my work rethinks audience theory for the 21st century.  I draw upon rhetorical and communication theories of audience to rethink popular media audiences, the role of sound and listening in audience behavior, and the payoff for the writing classroom.
I have published in journals like the International Journal of Listening, Archival Science, Philosophy and Rhetoric (where I won the Rohrer Award with my co-author, William Keith), Southern Journal of Communication, and Enculturation, among other venues.  Additionally, I have placed essays in What We Are Becoming: Developments in Undergraduate Writing Majors (USUP), Engaging Audience: Writing in an Age of New Literacies (NCTE), Coming of Age: The Advanced Writing Curriculum (Boynton/Cook) and the SAGE Handbook of Rhetorical Studies.  With Richard Enos, I edited Advances in the History of Rhetoric (Parlor Press).
Statement on Curriculum and Administration
I am building upon past curricular experience as co-coordinator in the development of the Writing Studies Major (discussed in Composition Forum and Programmatic Perspectives), as associate coordinator of first-year writing on the St. Paul Campus of the U of MN, and as chair of the Advanced Writing Committee at UMD, to move into curriculum and administration.  This is an organic outgrowth of my work in administering $40,000 in grants for intercampus research initiatives.  It is supplemented by my recent work toward completing the Equity and Diversity Certificate at UMD.  
My fundamental belief is that, as an administrator, I can make excellence possible.  That is my goal.  

What you will find on this website...

Included here you'll find .pdf files of single- and co-author articles in scholarly journals, book reviews for scholarly and popular publications, syllabi, reports on assessment and curriculum, grant proposals, and more.  You'll also find media:  interviews with me on local and statewide public radio, local access TV and local newspapers, and more.  You'll also find the media I've created to support my distance-education classes.




David Beard
Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication
Graduate Faculty in English, UMD
Graduate Faculty in Literacy and Rhetorical Studies, UMTC
Director of Graduate Studies, Master of Liberal Studies, UMD
Interim DGS, Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership
Interim Associate Department Head (Spring 2015) 
Department of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota -- Duluth
Humanities 420, UMD, Duluth, MN 55812

What We Are Becoming

Developments in Undergraduate Writing Majors


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Transcript of Graduate Work

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Resources #1: Definitions of Rhetoric

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Dr. David E Beard

2011 Jefferson
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Public Lecture on Rhetoric

David Beard, Lecture at the Institute for Advanced Study

Public Lecture on Rhetoric

David Beard at the Institute for Advanced Study
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